Kashmiris to observe black day tomorrow

Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control and across the world will observe Indian Republic Day, tomorrow, as Black Day to convey to the international community that India’s continued denial of Kashmiris’ right to self-determination is contrary to its claim of being a democratic republic.

Call for the observance of the Day has been given by the Chairman of All Parties Hurriyet Conference, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, senior Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani and the High Court Bar Association of occupied Kashmir. They have appealed to the people of the occupied territory to observe complete shutdown and hoist black flags on the rooftops of their houses on the occasion.

On the other hand, a red alert has been sounded in the occupied territory by the occupation authorities. Indian troops and police have intensified their search operations and frisking of pedestrians and motorists. The Srinagar city, particularly the areas around Bakhshi Stadium, the venue of the main official function, are under siege as the troops have strengthened their vigil by occupying all high-rise buildings. Surveillance cameras have also been installed around the Bakhshi Stadium.

The APHC, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front and the JKLF-Rajbagh in their separate statements in Srinagar, today, expressed serious concern over the inconvenience and distress caused to common people on the pretext of so-called security arrangements ahead of the Indian Republic Day.

Meanwhile, Indian troops, in their fresh acts of state terrorism, martyred four innocent Kashmiri youth, two each of them at Sher Bibi in Ramban and Shah Nagri in Handwara. »

Freedom struggle bases on Accession to Pakistan

All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference [AJK MC] Central Secretary Information, Fida Hussein Kiani Tuesday made it clear that Kashmir freedom movement was based on the ideology of Accession to Pakistan.

"Even founder of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah termed Kashmir as "jugular vein" of Pakistan," he was addressing an Iftar dinner hosted in his honour by Muslim Conference's Secretary Information [UK] Syed Hussein Sarwar.

The Iftar dinner was well attended by Sardar Iftikhar Rashid, former mayor councillor of Luton Raja Saleem Khan, Additional general Secretary of MC UK Mohammad Riaz Butt, Khwaja Kabir Hussein and eminent Kashmiri intellectual A H Shaheen and Amir Aksar Khan president MC branch Luton.

'Accession to Pakistan Movement'

Fida said that the destination of Kashmir freedom movement is Accession to Pakistan and no one could force Kashmiris to divert their attention from their long living desires.

"Accession to Pakistan and Kashmir Freedom Movement are sides of same coin and two names of one objective," he added.


Fida said that Kashmiris have rendered enarmous sacrifices for their freedom from Indian clutches and now none of Pakistani leadership has the right to shift their stance on Kashmir issue .

"Kashmiris have given unprecedented sacrifices for freedom and even they expressed their deemed desire through a "Resolution for Accession to Pakistan" in July 1947 before Pakistan came into being," he added.

Kashmir - Jugular Vein

Fida said it is the responsibility of Pakistani leadership to follow the sayings of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah when he termed Kashmir as jugular vein of Pakistan and should not divert from the sayings of Quaid-e-Azam . He held that due to this resolution provides a base for Kashmir issue at United Nations.

UN Resolutions

"The main problem is about plebiscite and even that was a promise made by UN and India when it took the matter at international forum in 1948 but no practical step on that resolution has been taken out yet," Kiyani added.

He slammed Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir saying that it has neglected UN resolutions and instead deployed around a million troops in the held valley to oppress Kashmiris' one-voice for seeking their right of self-determination--in line with the UN categorical commitments.

"Time is not very far off when the New Delhi invaders shall have to quit the forcibly held part of the State", he remarked.

Miliband’s statement strengthened Kashmir cause

Srinagar, January 20 (KMS): The illegally detained senior leader of the All Parties Hurriyet Conference, Shabbir Ahmed Shah has said that the Kashmir dispute should be resolved in accordance with the Kashmiris’ aspirations while keeping in view its proper historical perspective.

Welcoming the recent assertion of British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, on Kashmir, Shabbir Ahmed Shah, in a statement issued from Srinagar Central Jail, maintained that it had further strengthened the Kashmir cause. He emphasised that the unique sacrifices of the Kashmiri people had centre-staged the Kashmir dispute at the international level.

Kashmir:Fight For Freedom

Wait for us ,, We'll be back for SURE, its just a matter of time

Wait for us ,, We'll be back for SURE, its just a matter of time...

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Send it to all who really cares about our Land,,
Lets tell the whole World that we didn't forget, we are just Planning...

If I breathe. Its Kashmir oxygen
If I speak...its Kashmir language
If I cry...it's on a Kashmir shoulder
If I pray...it's for Kashmir freedom
If I promote...I promote Kashmir
If I fight. I fight with a Kashmir soul
If I make peace...it's because am Kashmir
When people say is "smart". They think Kashmiris are!
Am not perfect. But that's not a big deal
Am Pakistani. That's the real deal....

Kashmir ki Azadi tak jang rahe gi - jang rahe gi
Jiss kashmir ko khoon se seench - wo kashmir hamara hai
Pakistan se Rishta kya - La ilaha Ilila

Genocide in Kashmir

Kashmir, often called paradise, is a rich green mountain region North of Pakistan. At the time of independence of Pakistan, all Muslim majority areas were to become part of Pakistan. Kashmir, an 80% Muslim majority region did not become part of Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan administers 1/3 of Kashmir, also know as "Azad (Free) Kashmir." The rest 2/3 under Indian military occupation. There is civil unrest against the occupation of Indian Occupied Kashmir. India is responding with brutal force to crush the civil unrest demanding end of Indian rule. A number of U.N. resolutions have been passed condemning the Indian occupation of 2/3 of Kashmir. As always, the U.N. has not been able to implement its resolution.

The price is being paid by the Kashmiris through their miseries, tortures and brutal deaths as the hands of occupying Indian Army. The extent of torture, killings and rapes perpetrated on Kashmiri people by Indian forces are already creating a new record of atrocities. Gouging of eyes, cutting off of men's genitals, use of ever new methods of torture and endless curfews would shame Hitler's SS death squads. The Indian occupation army's deviltry such as gang-rapes, burning of entire villages and crops, destruction of economic life of whole communities and genocide of the Kashmiri people in defiance of international human rights laws, are everyday affairs.

For the last fifty plus years, Kashmiris have been fighting for independence from India. They are being butchered by over 700,000 Indian occupying soldiers stationed there. Still, Kashmiris have not given up to their oppressors. The UN resolutions on Kashmir have yet to be implemented. Since 1988 alone, Kashmir has sacrificed over 70,000 of its sons and daughters, billions worth of its property and peace of mind of its people at the altar of its national emancipation. The brave Kashmiris have decided to implement the resolutions by themselves and have pledged to stop Indian genocide in Kashmir.